Third Triangle Symposium of the
Japan-Hungary-Poland Surgical Society
Budapest, 2-5 June, 2018

Dear Japanese and Polish  surgeons, colleagues and friends,

We have enjoyed the first and second Triangle Meetings in Tokyo and Lublin respectively, with Professor Kitajima’s and Professor Wallner’s wonderful leadership and hospitality. This year Budapest is the venue of our third scientific meeting and we, Hungarian surgeons have the honour of being your hosts.

We follow the original rules and tradition: „The purpose of the association is to encourage the progress of medical science, to contribute to the welfare of people of the three countries. This is realized by promoting scientific exchange among Japan, Hungary and Poland concerning surgery and cementing friendly relationship between physicians of these countries.”

As we have become a tripartite society we continue the structure of our previous scientific meetings: beside professors, chief surgeons of international reputation, the Budapest symposium is widely addressed to talented young surgeons and residents of the three countries: they will have opportunity to present their studies in Budapest, in the wonderful Stefania Palace.

Wonderful Stefania Palace in Budapest – 01

Wonderful Stefania Palace in Budapest – 02

Wonderful Stefania Palace in Budapest – 03

In 2018 the whole medical World is celebrating the two hundred anniversary of the Hungarian physician, Ignac Semmelweis’birth. He was the inventor of the principle of asepsis: the theory and practice by which we can prevent infections and save the life of our patients. His ethical attitude is also an example for us.

If you visit the House of International College of Surgeons in Chicago, the name of the lounge of the building is „Hall of Immortals”.
Ignác Semmelweis
Semmelweis’ Statue in Chichago

There you would see eleven statutes: Asklepios, Hippocrates, Galenus, Vesalius, Ambroise Pare, William Harvey, Morgagni,  Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur, Conrad Rontgen and the Hungarian gynecologist: Ignac Semmelweis.

Significance of his work cannot be overestimated – his fight for the acceptance of the asepsis theory and its practical realisation  by proper handwashing means a milestone in the history of surgery. By his revolutionary work he could prevent the development of „Childbed fever” (puerperal sepsis), that’s why he has the name:” Savior of mothers”. His teaching reflects also to the moral responsibility of surgical practice.

Remembering this pioneer of modern surgery, the name of our third Triangle scientific meeting is:


and the slogan:Clean hands save life

I am convinced, our meeting will provide an excellent forum and opportunity not only for discuss scientific-practical topics, but also build up close relations both professional and personal among young surgeons of our countries, establish friendship. The organizing Committee will do the best.

Budapes is an ideal city to organise international scientific meetings:         wonderful location, friendly athmosphera, attractive cultural events, a mixture of tradition and modern life. One can find here  a lot of interesting museums. For physicians, surgeons we recommend to visit the Semmelweis Medical History Museum

Semmelweis Medical History Museum
– located in the house, where the pioner  doctor was born, and the Hospital in the Rocks
– a hidden hospital built inside a hill  – it was functioning during the 2nd World War and afterward during the years of „Cold War” and later at the time of the enthusiastic days of the Hungarian Revolution in 1956.

Operating room in the hospital in the rocks.

Have a nice time in Budapest.    We are looking forward to meet You in June.


Prof. József Sándor MD, PhD, FACS
Founding Co- President of
Congrss President, 3rd Triangel Symposium

Prof. László Harsányi MD, PhD
President of the Scientific Committe

Prof. György Wéber MD, PhD, Andrea Ferencz MD, PhD
Co-Presidents of Organising Committe