Name of the 3rd Triangle Scientific Meeting of the Japan-Hungary-Poland Surgical Society:

H.E. Dr. István Simicskó, Minister of Defense of Hungary
H.E. Ms. Kuni Sato, Ambassador of Japan
H.E. Mr. Jerzy Snopek, Ambassador of Poland
Mr. László Lovász, President of the Hungarian Academy of Science
Dr. Ágoston Szél, Rector of Semmelweis University

Venue of the Symposium in Budapest: Stefania Palace,
Address: H-1143 Budapest, Stefánia út 34-36. – MAP

Time schedule:
2 June 2018 Saturday: Presidential dinner for the
National Delegates and invited guests
3 June, Sunday: Plenary scientific sessions, in the evening: social program
4 June, Monday: Plenary scientific sessions, in the evening:banquet for foreign participants and invited guests
5 June Tuesday: Sightseeing, excursion for foreign participants.

The Headquarter hotel: Danubius Hotel Arena Budapest

(Address: H-1148 Budapest, Ifjúság útja 1-3) – MAP

– a four stars hotel, with walking distance (1500 meter) from the Stefania Palace. The hotel is providing special room rate for the time of the congress for the participants of the 3rd Triangle Symposium –you can find it on this website, Of course participants of the symposium can find other hotel accommodation possibilities.

Language of the meeting: English

Topics of the scientific symposium:
1. Esophagus, 2. Stomach, 3. Colo-rectal surgery, 4. Hepato-biliary-pancreas surgery, 5. Thoracic, cardiac and vascular surgery, 6. Transplantation, 7. Minimally invasive surgery, 8. Surgery of the endocrine organs, 9.Pediatric surgery, 10. Hernia, breast, plastic surgery, 11. Experimental surgery, 12. Oral surgery and dentistry, 13. Military and catastrophe surgery,14. Surgical Education, 15. Varia, 16. Patient safety, clean hands, surgical site infections.
There are possibilities for oral and poster presentations as well.
Length of oral presentations: 8 minutes, followed by 2 minutes discussion, altogether 10 minutes.
Poster presentations can be performed only by electronic-posters, author of scientific presentation should write his selection: oral or poster.
However, because of the limited time and the expected large number of abstracts, the Scientific committe will make a decision of the form of presentation: the result will be send to the authors, with also information of the method of electronic poster construction.

Structure of abstracts:
„The abstracts should be short! No longer than 2500 characters.
Suggested structure: Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion
Letter type: Times New Roman
Letter size: 12
In the next line the Name of the authors in Italic letters – like these
Next line: Name of Institutions and Email address of the first author –like these
Next: text of the abstract”

Registration to the 3rd Triangle Symposium is made by sending an abstract in parallel
to the Hungarian organiser, Dr. Krisztina Juhos:

and also!

for the participants from Japan to the E-mail address of the Japanese secretariat:
Kyoko Okuda (Ms.) E-mail: ky_okuda@

for the participants from Poland to the E-mail address of the Polish organiser: Mrs. Izabela

Deadline of arrival of abstracts: 10th March 2018
Participation fee and all social events costs will be covered by the Organizing Committee at the 3rd Triangle Symposium: the whole program is free for the active participants and their accompanying persons.

Contact organisers:

Japan: Secretaries-General:
Dr. Masashi Yoshida
(International University of Health and Welfare)
Dr. Norihito Wada (Keio University School of Medicine)
Secretariat: Kyoko Okuda (Ms.)ky_okuda@

Prof. Grzegorz Wallner
Mrs. Izabela Woszuk-Belcarz

Prof. József Sándor
Secretaries: Dr. Krisztina Juhos
Mr. Dávid Klotz